HWJT-09C  Excitation regulator
  • HWJT-09C  Excitation regulator
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HWJT-09C Excitation regulator


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Excitation regulator


manufacturer; HEST

Place of Origin:China

Model Number :HWJT-09C

Size :2260×800×800mm

Delivery period: 3 weeks




HWJT-09C micro-computer excitation regulator is the latest generation micro-computer excitation regulation & control equipment researched and developed by Wuhan Hongshan Electrical Science & Technology Co., Ltd, which is possessed of the following characteristics:

· DSP control chip (foreground) + LCD screen display + PLC (optional) hybrid structure

· Excitation regulation controller consisting of double-channel DSP processor for mutual thermal standby

· Excitation monitoring unit

· Independent excitation current regulation channel (option)

· Programmable logical control unit replacing routine logical control wiring (option)

· Remote drive realized (option)

· Large power switch module power supply, characterized by wide scope of application and strong anti-interference.

· Switch excitation and thyristor excitation allowed concurrently

Scope of application
HWJT-09C series micro-computer excitation equipment has great adaptability and universality, which can be applied in 200MW and below various synchronous generating sets. The excitation system includes:
1. DC excitation system:
Input DC voltage:           30V300V
Output current:               5A100A
2. Three-generator excitation system:
Input voltage:                 90V130V
Input frequency:             50Hz500Hz
Output current:               50A300A
3. Double-generator AC excitation system:
Input voltage:                 50V500V
Input frequency:             50Hz500Hz
Output current:               50A500A
4. Self shunt excitation system:
Input voltage:                 50V1000V
Output current:               300A3000A

Technical data

1. Generator terminal voltage UF:                  Rated value at secondary side of voltage transformer 100V or 105V
2. Stator current measurement IF:           Rated value 5A input or 1A input
3. Rotor current measurement IL:           Hall current sensor measurement 4~20mA or 0~5V signal input
4. Output pulse:                    50Hz~500Hz thyristor trigger pulse (thyristor excitation system)
Output pulse:                  50Hz~300Hz duty ratio of variable rectangular wave (IGBT excitation system)
5. Output range of excitation current:     503000A
6. Output range of excitation voltage:     50V~1,000V (thyristor excitation system)
7. AC and DC parallel power supply:            AC input 220V+10%-20%
DC input 220V+5%-15%

Main technical indicators

1. Pulse adjustment range:           10150°(thyristor excitation system)
Variable range of duty ratio of rectangular wave: 0%100%
2. Pulse width adjustment precision:       Superior to 0.0036° (50Hz thyristor excitation system); 0.036° (500Hz system)
Pulse width adjustment precision of rectangular wave: superior to 0.01%
3. A/D switching resolution: Superior to 212
4. Adjustment speed:       3ms/period
5. Voltage adjustment range:             10%130%Ue(manual 10%110%Ue)
6. Voltage adjustment precision:             Superior to 0.5%
7. Difference adjustment characteristics:            ±15% can be set, step length 0.1%;
8. Frequency characteristics:             Frequency change 1%, the change of generator terminal voltage is less than ±0.1% of rated value
9. Frequency range:        4077.5Hz
10. Given adjustment speed: Not more than 1%/s, and not less than 0.1%/s
11. 32-digit DSP processor adopted: main frequency 125MHz
12. Excitation PT and IF, instrument PT, system PT and 12-digit AD for AC sampling
13. FFT AC sampling algorithm
14. 36-point 12-digit AD synchronous sampling
15. Built-in PSS software module of PSS2A module applied
16. Complete PSS testing interface
17. Isolating RS-232C/RS-485 communication interfaces, and supporting standard ModBusRTU communication protocol
18. Man-machine interfaces (HMI) of several specifications for choice, printer and micro printer supporting inking and laser.
19. Power consumption:        Less than 25W.

Service conditions

1. Installation location: indoor;
2. Ambient temperature is 5℃~+45℃;
3. Storage temperature is -25℃~+75℃;
4. Height above sea level: ≤2000m; relative humidity: ≤90%, without condensation;
5. Installation vertical inclination: ≤5°;
6. When the allowable vibration is 10~150Hz, the vibration acceleration shall not be more than 5m/s2;
7. Seismic fortification intensity: ≤ magnitude Ⅷ;
8. The surrounding medium of the service environment shall be free from any explosion risk and corrosive gas, and the concentration of the conductive dust contained shall not reduce the insulation level to the allowable limit value.
9. When the altitude exceeds 1,000m, the relevant regulations on maximum air temperature are as follows:

Height above sea level (m)





Maximum air temperature (℃)






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